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Loris 1.0a released

This is an ammendment to the official stable release of Loris 1.0.
Loris 1.0a fixes a line ending problem in one of the source files, and
is in all other ways identical to the 1.0 release. Loris
includes the Loris C++ class library, a c-linkable procedural
interface, a scripting interface built using SWIG (,
and documentation.

Loris is an open source C++ class library implementing analysis,
manipulation, and synthesis of digitized sounds using the Reassigned
Bandwidth-Enhanced Additive Sound Model.

For more information about Loris and the Reassigned Bandwidth-Enhanced
Additive Model, contact the developers at, or
visit them at

The primary distribution point for Loris is SourceForge
( and its mirrors.

Loris is free software. Please see the file COPYING for details.

For documentation, please see the files in the doc subdirectory.

For a list of major changes to Loris, organized by release number,
please see the file NEWS.

Posted by Kelly Fitz 2002-07-01

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