Loris 1.0beta5 for Mac OS released

This is the Mac OS binary release corresponding to the fifth beta release of Loris 1.0. Loris includes the Loris C++ class library, a c-linkable procedural interface, a scripting interface built using SWIG (www.swig.org), and documentation.

This package includes pre-built libraries for Loris 1.0beta5, FFTW 2.1.3, and SDIF 3.4 (courtesy of IRCAM), and a plugin module for the carbonized version of MacPython 2.1.1 (available from www.cwi.nl/~jack/macpython.html).

This package also includes the CodeWarrior projects, exported as XML files, that were supposed to be included with the full Loris 1.0beta5 distribution, but were erroneously omitted. The Loris project can easily be modified to build a module for any version of MacPython since 1.5.2. The module included here can be used with the carbonized version of MacPython 2.1.1 only. The Loris library can be used along with the source code (header files) in the full Loris distribution, for building other applications or extension modules. In order to use any of these components, the FFTW and SDIF libraries should be installed in the Extensions folder.

Finally, an updated version of the test script morphtest.py (from the test directory of the source distribution) that works under MacOS is included.

Please see the full Loris source distribution for more information.

Loris is an open source C++ class library implementing analysis, manipulation, and synthesis of digitized sounds using the Reassigned Bandwidth-Enhanced Additive Sound Model.

For more information about Loris and the Reassigned Bandwidth-Enhanced Additive Model, contact the developers at loris@cersloundgroup.org, or visit them at http://www.cerlsoundgroup.org/Loris/.

The primary distribution point for Loris is SourceForge (http://loris.sourceforge.net) and its mirrors.

Loris is free software. Please see the file COPYING for details.

For documentation, please see the files in the doc subdirectory.

For a list of major changes to Loris, organized by release number, please see the file NEWS.

Posted by Kelly Fitz 2001-10-09

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