Can anyone recommend a good application to use for visualization of SDIF data produced by Loris? 

From what I understand, Fossa is supposed to be such a program, but I can't seem to get it to work (if anyone who has gotten it working can post what linux distro and version of QT they are using, I would greatly appreciate it.  Or if anyone knows a solution to the error I posted about previously on this list, that would be greatly appreciated too). 

I've tried using SDIF-Edit as well as CLAM SMSTools to visualize SDIF data produced by Loris, but for some reason these programs crash when I attempt to load SDIF files that were produced by Loris.  SDIF-Edit has no problem reading and displaying SDIF files that were produced by CLAM SMSTools.  I suspect that the inability of these programs to read SDIF files produced by Loris may stem from Loris using parameters that these programs don't recognize.


Also, can anyone recommend a way to read the numerical data produced when Loris analyses a sound (i.e. breakpoint envelope coordinates, frequency/time coordinates for the sinusoidal tracks, noise component bandwidth coordinates, etc.)?  If I can't make a program work to automatically visualize the data, I could at least copy and paste the numerical data into a spreadsheet and graph it from the spreadsheet.

Thanks, any help is much appeciated.