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Longstop: Release of 0.08 alpha

Tools to Archive to CD/DVD and retrieve file from archive with archive tracking database backend. Tracks multiple copies of files across media, with options to dump and archive MySQL (Remote and local) databases and subversion repositories.

This release is mainly a re-organisation of the UI interface in preparation for the development of a GUI interface.

Pre release version of the GUI elements will made to CVS and announced here.

Posted by G.T.Smith 2009-01-14

Release of Longstop 0.07 alpha

Longstop is a tool for the archive or backup of files to optical media or iso images. It includes support for the backup of MySQL databases and Subversion repositories to such media.

There is a demo module to show how to write a plugin to encrypt and decrypt files. This module is not part of the main distribution and the cryptographic modules need to be separately acquired as they are not part of that module distribution.... read more

Posted by G.T.Smith 2008-10-30

Longstop 0.06 Release

Longstop is a set of Archive and Backup Scripts to Archive or backup Data to DVD. From alpha 0.05 the basic file archive mechanism has been plugin based. There is a seperate demonstration module that illustrates how an encryption plugin can be implemented. This is not a default part of the distribution and needs to be downloaded separately.

The is the Beta Release Candidate

Longstop can be obtained from ... read more

Posted by G.T.Smith 2008-10-10

Longstop 0.05 Alpha Release Beta RC2 Released

This version fixes a number of problems in the 0.04 release.

Plugin support has been modified.

Posted by G.T.Smith 2008-10-02

Longstop 0.04 alpha release

This is the 01.00 beta release candidate code.

There are significant changes. The extraction and storing of files is now handled via a plugin to give users some flexibility in how they wish to store data (e.g. with encryption or different compression tools).

The DVD burning module is now a separate Perl Module.

The database schema has been changed.

It is intended in the near future to ..

a) Create a demonstration Plugin on using the Perl Crypt::Simple module from CPAN. ... read more

Posted by G.T.Smith 2008-09-28

Longstop alpha 0.3 now available

0.03 alpha now is available. Many changes to dialog, media handling and progress reporting. Many bug fixes. Some (minor) performance related improvements.

Posted by G.T.Smith 2008-09-02

Longstop Alpha 00.02 now available

The initial Alpha is now available for download for testing in the general community.

Posted by G.T.Smith 2008-08-08

Alpha Release 00.02

The initial Alpha release is now available for general use. See the draft manual for general usage instructions.

Posted by G.T.Smith 2008-08-08

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