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Lomboz is an open-source Eclipse-Plug-In initiative owned and sponsored by eteration. The open-sourec host for this project has moved the forge.objectweb.org/projects/lomboz. Please visit us there [Edit description]

Posted by Naci Dai 2004-04-23

New Version (2.1.1, 3.0M2) Available now:

New Version Available now: The most popular J2EE Plug-In Lomboz v2.1.1 and 3.0M2

Lomboz is a free Eclipse plugin for J2EE developers. The tool follows a simple principle: "No magic tricks". Lomboz is integrated with many popular open source J2EE tools such as: Jasper, XDoclet, Axis and Ant. And naturally Eclipse and the Eclipse Java Development Toolkit (JDT). Lomboz implements an end-to-end J2EE application development philosophy supporting the complete development cycle: Code, deploy, test and debug.... read more

Posted by Naci Dai 2003-08-14

Announcing plans

Dear Lomboz Users,

Lomboz is almost 18 months old now. A lot has changed since. It is no more the only tool available for J2EE, and it is not the best one either. We are doing our best to improve on what is available out there. As you all know, the eclipse web tools project has been announced and it will probably have many features that are provided with Lomboz.

We will not stop. We did Lomboz because we needed it and mostly because it was fun. It is still a lot of fun. And we will continue to do it and contribute to web tools project too. ... read more

Posted by Naci Dai 2003-07-10

Lomboz 2.1 available now.

Lomboz 2.1 is available for downloads at www.objectlearn.com.

Documentation is not completely renewed but we plan to release it gradually this week.

Have fun,

Naci Dai - ObjectLearn

Posted by Naci Dai 2003-04-01

Lomboz documentation is available online

In addition to the help plugin which is available for download and the pdf files, you can visit http://lomboz.sourceforge.net for the latest lomboz documentation.

Posted by Naci Dai 2002-09-12