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Loki Render 0.7.2 release

This release maintains compatibility with the latest Blender release 2.75, also increases tile render multiple up to 20.

Posted by Daniel Petersen 2015-08-01

Loki Render 0.6.0 released

Loki Render allows you to distribute your Blender render jobs across several computers. Version 0.6.0 is a big step forward with new features like transparent network file handling, tile rendering, project file caching, and more. Check out the latest documentation for more details. This isn't a final release, but for the most part it should be quite usable. Enjoy!


Posted by Daniel Petersen 2009-11-05

Version 0.5.2 released


  • Added "Last Task" column to the Grunts list. It displays the run time of the last completed task by the grunt. This allows a comparitive indication of performance between grunts.
  • Added right-click pop-up menu on Job Queue for 'New job' and 'Remove finished'.
  • Loki provides more specific error feedback if blender fails to render an image.
  • Removing a finished job does not ask for a confirmation.
  • Added 'Remove all finished jobs'.
  • Now using the Loki icon.... read more
Posted by Daniel Petersen 2009-05-30

Loki Render 0.5.1 minor release

This minor release brings some great features and bug fixes.

New features:

  • Job and task progress is now automatically saved between Loki master sessions. This means that all current job and task info is saved when you quit Loki master, then restored the next time you start Loki Master.
  • Loki now supports a no GUI/command line grunt mode. This makes it possible to launch Loki grunt from scripts; great for automation on large farms. Simply pass the 'gruntcl' argument to Loki on startup. (e.g. 'mono loki_0.5.1.exe gruntcl')... read more
Posted by Daniel Petersen 2009-05-03

Loki Render 0.5 Released!

Loki Render allows you to create your own render farm, serving Blender render jobs to a group of computers. Loki is easy to setup and runs on Linux, Windows or Mac, making it a quick and flexible distributed network rendering solution!

This release brings several major improvements and changes:

  • Runs on Windows, Linux and Mac platforms using Mono - now you can have a mixed platform render farm!
  • Executable available for download; no need to compile.
  • Real-time updates in the GUI for job and farm progress.
  • Usability and error handling is greatly improved.
  • Internal architecture has been redesigned from the ground up.
  • Code has been completely rewritten in C# for use with the Mono platform.... read more
Posted by Daniel Petersen 2009-04-27

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