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Loki: 0.1.7 Released

A C++ library of designs, containing flexible implementations of common design patterns and idioms.

Hi Everyone,

The Loki developers are excited to announce a new release of the prestigious Loki open source project! This new release comes with several new components and fixes almost all bugs, all while providing support for more compilers and IDE's.

The five new components are: Allocator, Checker, CheckReturn, LevelMutex, and SafeBits.... read more

Posted by Peter Kuemmel 2009-02-02

Loki 0.1.6 Released

After months we've managed to release the next version of Loki with several bug fixes and a new Factory type. For more details see CHANGES.

Posted by Peter Kuemmel 2007-02-25


Loki is now hosted in a Subversion repository:


In Subversion all is a file:
- the HEAD is in the folder 'trunk'
- the tagged versions are in the folder 'tag'
- branches -if any- in the folder branches

Every commit to svn is like tagging the whole
repository with a incremented revision number.

Here some instructions

check out HEAD into the folder loki (compression is set by the server):
svn co https://svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/loki-lib/trunk loki... read more

Posted by Peter Kuemmel 2006-10-19

Loki 0.1.5 Released

Highlights of the 0.1.5 release:

- new Strong/Weak smart pointer
- operator== added to Functor
- MinGW .dev files for the library
- XCode build project

see also CHANGES

Posted by Peter Kuemmel 2006-06-19

Loki 0.1.4 Released

Highlights of the 0.1.4 release:

- SmartPtr now with a propagating const policy
- more multi thread support
- Pimpl code added
- Register.h added
- better support of shared libraries

see also CHANGES

Posted by Peter Kuemmel 2006-03-08

Loki 0.1.3 Released

Highlights of the 0.1.3 changes include:

- LockPtr added
- ScopeGuard added
- strongly improved Printf/SPrintf
- tested under 64-bit Linux
- all known bugs are fixed
- MS Visual C++ 2005 project files added

see also CHANGES

Posted by Peter Kuemmel 2006-01-09

Loki 0.1.2 Released

Loki is a C++ library of designs, containing
flexible implementations of common design patterns
and idioms.

Initially started as the code collection of
Andrei's famous book "Modern C++ Design",
it has now grown beyond the confines of this

This new release fixes several bugs (the bug
count is down to 1!)

It's now possible to use Loki without the
TYPELIST macros. Also it's possible to avoid
any memory leak.
A other highlight is the new 'Function' template
which implements some of 'function' from R1/boost.
Used with free functions it looks like the TR1
proposal but for member functions it is more
convenient.... read more

Posted by Peter Kuemmel 2005-11-16

First Source Forge Release

A zip of Loki is now available for download.
The source isn't perfect yet, and minor changes will occur, but many have asked for a convenient method to obtain the library and this is (finally) available now that Loki has been port to virtual all PC compilers.

Posted by Shannon Glenn Barber 2002-09-05

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