Omer Katz
  • Omer Katz

    Omer Katz - 2009-01-26

    I thought of making a logic & business layers for a GUI and let the user implant the view using policies.
    Can I open up a new namespace for this?

    • Omer Katz

      Omer Katz - 2009-01-29

      I think that GUI Abstraction is something that has never been done (except in Java but that doesn't count since we don't implant any of the graphics). Even if it was done, a Generic, Policy Based Abstraction was never made. It sounds really cool to me :)
      What do you guys say?

    • Peter Kuemmel

      Peter Kuemmel - 2009-01-29

      Here a template based C++ GUI library:

    • Omer Katz

      Omer Katz - 2009-01-30

      Is it policy based? Completely?
      I don't see it by browsing the CVS.

    • Omer Katz

      Omer Katz - 2009-01-31

      hmm nice :) didn't see it in the cvs.
      nevermind then.

    • Alp Mestan

      Alp Mestan - 2009-02-05

      But it is for Windows only !
      Too bad.

      Would you be interested in developing such a library for Loki ?

    • Peter Kuemmel

      Peter Kuemmel - 2009-03-16

      Cross-platform GUI support is not a job for Loki.
      You could use gtk, qt, wxwidget, fltk, ...

      The only thing I could imagine are toolkit agnostic
      policy based GUI classes which are effectively
      wrappers for other gui-toolkits.

      • Omer Katz

        Omer Katz - 2009-03-17

        That's exactly what I was talking about.
        Implementing GUI design patterns and making full abstraction of classes.
        I wasn't thinking about cross platform GUI :)
        One can ofcourse make his own development based on the loki library agnostic GUI. But that's not our job.
        We provide a threading library but we don't provide specific implementations for each OS, right?

      • Omer Katz

        Omer Katz - 2009-05-06

        I was expecting some brilliant ideas.
        What I want to achive here is a standard for GUI apps and provide useful DPs when programming a GUI based program.
        MVC is the most prominant GUI design pattern.
        How can we generalize that in your opinion?

    • Laethnes

      Laethnes - 2009-09-01

      I think it's good idea. Imagine a complex strategy game - you need a many complex menus and windows, very offten there are classic items from GUI like checkbox and so. So this library would implement a basic GUI tools and user would render items.
      For example, basic class would send events to the right elemets, manage their positions, rendendering in right order and so.

      For a very simple example:

              // Items are ordered by their focus
              for(int i = 0; i < num_items; ++i)
                  if(items[i].IsIn(event.GetX(), event.GetY())
              // Key/other events

      Item::IsIn(x, y)
          // GetWidth/Height would be user-defined in abstract function
          width = GetWidth();
          height = GetHeight();
          // Position manages a library
          pos_x = GetPosX();
          pos_y = GetPosY();
          // Test
          // ...

      • Omer Katz

        Omer Katz - 2009-09-02

        You are in the right direction. :)

    • Laethnes

      Laethnes - 2009-09-02

      Eh, I'm not sure, how to understand it  *drop*


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