Are we still active?

Omer Katz
  • Omer Katz

    Omer Katz - 2008-11-21


    • Peter Kuemmel

      Peter Kuemmel - 2008-11-21

      I'm here,  but passive ;)

      I've lost the loki-vision.


      • Guillaume CHATELET

        I feel the same.
        Loki is great and I still use it but I wish it were integrated to Boost.


        • Peter Kuemmel

          Peter Kuemmel - 2008-11-21

          Loki is good for learning C++ templates and to get an idea about aspect oriented (policy based) programming.
          But you couldn't sell it to your boss or customer, then boost is much better: you don't understand the code
          but it sells.

    • Omer Katz

      Omer Katz - 2008-12-30

      I can't belive you all lost hope, I actually do think this is more useful then boost.
      boost is very hard to compile. Loki isn't.
      Trust me guys. Let's work on this hard release a 0.17. come on :)
      I think we should get all of the DPs into loki for generic use.

    • Richard Sposato

      Richard Sposato - 2009-01-03

      I have not lost hope.  Indeed, I am looking forward to the next release!  We have some new components for the next release.


    • Thomas Klimpel

      Thomas Klimpel - 2009-01-04

      Good to hear.

      The "I've lost the loki-vision. " seems to have generated some "activity":

      so I though it might be a good idea to just drop a note how great Loki is. (In the hope that the "maintenance interest" will not fading away soon...)



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