upcasting SmartPtr

  • JoePub

    JoePub - 2009-06-24


    Could someonc help me, I am trying to figure out how to upcast, using Loki SmartPtr.

    I have moved some of my codebase from Boost's smart_ptr to Loki, the boost libraries supplies a dynamic_pointer_cast function to allow upcasting from a Base to a Derived class, how can I achieve  same thing using Loki SmartPtr?


    • Richard Sposato

      Richard Sposato - 2009-06-26

      Unfortunately, neither Loki's SmartPtr nor StrongPtr has an upcast mechanism at this time.  I've heard of occasional requests for an upcast conversion constructor, and there is even a request to add this feature.  (Feature #1447423)


      - Rich

      • JoePub

        JoePub - 2009-06-26

        Hmm, that's a shame, do you know of anywhere that may have submitted a patch to add this functionality.  I am fairly confident with templates, but the Loki library takes them to the extreme so I wouldn't want to mess that up.


        • Richard Sposato

          Richard Sposato - 2009-06-28

          Unfortunately, I know of no place that offers a patch for this particular need.  I checked the patches already submitted to Loki, and neither of them mention the upcasting issue.  Someday, I might look at how Boost provides the upcasting ability and duplicate that trick inside Loki.  If you come up with a method first, feel free to submit it as a patch.




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