Matthias - 2009-10-19


I just start using Loki so please apologize if I miss something obvious…

I tried flex_string with SmallStringOpt, CowStringOpt and VectorStringStorage policies.

There are two issues:

1) using wchar_t the compiler does not resolve to using operator<< as defined by Loki, but instead tries to find a matching operator in the standard library, which of course fails. Since it is working fine when using char, I wonder what I might do wrong?

2) VectorStringStorage seems to be missing a constructor that is provided by other storage policies and that is expected by CowStringOpt, i.e. something like

    VectorStringStorage(const VectorStringStorage& s,
        : base(s)
Is this a bug or did I miss the point?

Any clarification appreciated.

Thanks, Matthias

(Loki 0.1.7 with MS Visual Studio 2008)