Richard Sposato - 2009-01-30

Hi Everyone,

The Loki developers are excited to announce a new release of the prestigious Loki open source project!  This new release comes with several new components and fixes almost all bugs, all while providing support for more compilers and IDE's.

The five new components are: Allocator, Checker, CheckReturn, LevelMutex, and SafeBits.

Allocator - Allows you to use Loki's small object allocator as a memory handling policy for STL containers.

Checker - Provides a mechanism to enforce the design-by-contract idiom in C++.  It also provides a way to document/prove the exception safety level provided by each function.

CheckReturn- Use this to enforce code to check the return value of functions.

LevelMutex - This wraps both PThread's and Window's mutexes to provide an exception-safe and deadlock-free mutex for multithreaded software.

SafeBits - Provides a compile-time way to enforce type-safety for bitfields and boolean flags.

As with earlier releases, Loki developers wrote extensive test case coverage for each component to insure their robustness and correctness.

Please download Loki 0.1.7 from .