• Fraser

    Fraser - 2009-07-27

    if (destroyed_)
    destroyed_ = false;

    Why are these statements in the opposite order to P151 in the book?

    • Fraser

      Fraser - 2009-08-12

      I'm surprised how long it takes to get a reply here.  The forum has been getting quieter for years.

      I expected to be able to speak about this before submitting a bug report.

      • Peter Kuemmel

        Peter Kuemmel - 2009-08-15

        Have you searched the file history?

    • Fraser

      Fraser - 2009-08-16

      Do you mean the archive of releases?  It was changed in 0.1.1.

      destoyed_ should only be set to false when OnDeadReference returns.  OnDeadReference throws by default and destroyed_ is left wrongly set to false.

    • Fraser

      Fraser - 2009-08-17

      Thanks for fixing that.  I'm not used to SourceForge.  Theres a couple of other points I've raised.  Ones in the thread SmartPtr Ownership policy.  The other I made a bug report about not using explicit with some single argument constructors.


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