Paul Floyd - 2014-01-01


I played around with Loki a lot back when I was learning C++. In the past couple of days I've been having another go with it.

I was using clang++ and GCC 4.8, and I noticed quite a few issues:
1) Lots of 32-64 bit warnings (e.g., 32bit unsigned int used to store the size_type (usually 64bit size_t) from a standard container
2) No feature detection of clang++ (or C++11) in ThreadLocal.h resulting in errors referring to SleepLevelMutex
3) A couple of compilation errors, one due to a SomeThing::SetValue taking the wrong type, one due to bad_function_call not being std:: qualified.

Is there much interest in fixing these? I may be willing but I have no prior SF experience.