#32 Wrong sorting of log lines after loading from multiple file listeners with OnlyTail=false


Today I discovered the quite useful OnlyTail option, which I normally turned on in all my session files. Setting it to false makes logview4net take several minutes to load various megabytes of log data. However, it's quite useful to see log lines from last night or so. The problem here is, log lines from multiple file listeners seem to be ordered by file listener first, and then by date. So I have all lines from file listener A at the very top, then from file listener B, and so on. This renders the OnlyTail=false setting useless when using multiple file listeners. However, I guess this is not solvable as you would have to parse various log file formats for finding the right date/time value.

Using standby or hibernation in Windows makes logview4net stop loading from file listeners. So you have to restart logview4net after standby or hibernation. Old log lines are gone that way, so I started testing the OnlyTail=false setting, which is also not working good for multiple file listeners.

Bugfix: proceed loading lines after standby/hibernation
Enhancement: Turn "OnlyTail" into a "LoadRecentData" setting, accepting a number of megabytes. (Default: 0 = same as OnlyTail=true currently) That way, you can always restart logview4net without loading gigabytes of log data, and you still can see old rows.


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