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WWW::Useragent Included in Lire

WWW::Useragent is no longer maintained as a separate package, but is included as a part of the Lire tarball. Lire 20011205 includes it as do all subsequent releases.

Posted by Joshua Koenig 2002-03-05

CUPS added to list of supported services

A new superservice (print) has been added to the
list of supported services. With this, a plugin
for CUPS page_log formated log files has been added.

Posted by Egon Willighagen 2001-10-20

New stable release 20011017

A new stable version is released. This version has
many improvements and a complete rewrite of the report generation engine to make use of XML technologies. This release has more two more super services, more output formats, more reports and is faster than previous releases.

Posted by Egon Willighagen 2001-10-17

First security report hits unstable

A first security related report has been added to the cvs repository. It detect attacks (like Code Red) at your web server from the log files.

Posted by Egon Willighagen 2001-09-14

New Lire release is uploaded to SF

A new Lire release is uploaded to SF. You can download it from SF later today, or directly from
http://www.logreport.org/. Many bugfixes, much improved WWW superservice analysis.

Posted by Egon Willighagen 2001-09-04

More than 1100 files in CVS

Lire is becoming a rather large project. With three
paid employees this is not strange. Since the beginning of Lire being hosted at SF over 1100 files
have been added to CVS.

Posted by Egon Willighagen 2001-08-27

FTP xferlog added to list of covered services

In CVS a new super service is added: FTP. The current code is expected to stabalize in the next few days. Xferlog files are supported which covers
many FTP servers. Number of reports is a bit limited at this time.

Posted by Egon Willighagen 2001-08-24

New report specification system hits lire-unstable

Francis is working hard on the new system for specification report generating plugins. It will
replace the current system based on SH and Perl
scripts. The new system is completely XML based.
Check out CVS to see it work.

Posted by Egon Willighagen 2001-08-02

WWW reports support User Agent detection

The next Lire release will support User Agent detection and reporting.

Posted by Egon Willighagen 2001-08-02

LogML email graph screenshot

A screenshot has been added to the website that shows the LogML graph for a www superservice report.
See it at http://logreport.org/screenshots/about=logml

Posted by Egon Willighagen 2001-07-30

Next release will support LogML

The next release of Lire will have support for LogML, an XML application for storing WWW logfiles in reduced form. More on LogML from http://www.cs.rpi.edu/~puninj/LOGML/

Posted by Egon Willighagen 2001-07-24

Lire included in TelemetryBox

As of now Lire is included in the TelemetryBox
software. We hope the combination will prove to be
extremely valuable. TelemetryBox can be found
at http://www.telemetrybox.org/.

Posted by Egon Willighagen 2001-06-30

New stable release: 20010629.1

After two months of hard work a new stable release
is available. In this two months two persons joined the project, which delayed the release
somewhat. Lot's of enhancements! Check out the
changelog! (Preview: pictures!)

Posted by Egon Willighagen 2001-06-30

New stable release 20010407

Several bug fixes, internal XML support, user
based preferences (~/.lirerc) and Exim plugin.

Posted by Egon Willighagen 2001-04-11

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