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Project switching to Trac

While Sourceforge's web resources provide a great free service to the opensource community, they leave much to be desired in the areas of project management. As such, I've decided to switch the main LogicMail page to one based on Trac (http://trac.edgewall.org/).

You can find the new page here:

If you want to use SSL:
https://www.logicprobe.org/proj/logicmail... read more

Posted by Derek Konigsberg 2007-06-30

The beginning of redesign updates...

The first step in continuing my efforts on the project has not been one of new
features specifically, however. It has been in focusing on a major redesign
of the internals of the application. Once this redesign is complete, the
software should be far more robust, flexible, and extendable. (This weekend,
I made very good progress in totally rethinking how I handle message
structures and mail protocol interfaces.)... read more

Posted by Derek Konigsberg 2006-12-25

Project switched to Subversion

I have just switched the project from CVS to Subversion. Since my current development activities now involve a lot of refactoring and redesign work on LogicMail, I branched the currently working code as "branches/LogicMail-0.1". My changes-in-progress are currently in the "trunk", which shouldn't be considered usable at the moment. Once these changes are done, LogicMail should be a much better designed application, which will make it easier to improve it over time.... read more

Posted by Derek Konigsberg 2006-12-23

Yes, LogicMail is still alive!

Given that this project has been idle for the past several months, I know many of you are wondering whether I am still working on it. For the past couple months, I have had other priorities using up all my free time. Now that those things are over with, I've definitely started working on LogicMail again.

Posted by Derek Konigsberg 2006-12-23