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Logician is a JavaScript and C++ cross-platform Decision Table and XML based Rules Engine. Decision tables provide an efficient, easy way for expressing complex rules and deploying to the client on both the desktop and in a web browser.

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  • Tolga TUNA
    Tolga TUNA

    I'm using windows 7 x64 OS. I don't really understand what i need for work with EDSEngine. I downloaded Logician_v134_Setup.exe and installed it. And i download also examples. But i couldn't build any of these examples. In the build instructions.txt document you wrote :
    Rules Engine: EDSEngine
    All platforms:
    - zlib compression library v1.2.3
    - boost C++ libraries v1.4+
    - iconv v1.9.2
    - libxml2 v2.7.3
    - libxslt v1.1.24
    - Python 2.6 (optional compile-time switch, disabled in default windows build configuration)
    - Mozilla Spidermonkey Javascript engine 1.8 (optional compile-time switch). Windows can use the integrated Windows Scripting host instead.
    - MSXML v6.0 (preferred build in lieu of libxml, libxslt, and iconv)"
    Am i need to install all of them? All platforms or just windows installations is enough? Can you explain more clear of that part please?

  • Most of those libraries are only needed for the editor. The defualt build will use boost, but that can be skipped as documented in the instructions.

    To build the sample projects, you will probably need to alter the references to the EDSEngine DLLs to whatever path you installed them to (C:\Program Files (x86)\Logician\VC12). The examaple projects by default tend to use references in the trunk source tree.

    Either fix the references in the sample project for your installation directory, or pull the entire trunk down and build it. There is a BAT file in the truck that will build all the components for you if you have VS 2013, including the test apps. All the solutions in the tuturial directory reference paths in the trunk as well.

    Last edit: Eric D. Schmidt 2014-05-17