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005-2 bugfix

Because of the delay of 006's release I have released the bugfixes on 005 already done.
They are called 005-2.
Anyway the big problem in the variable system still exists , but i am near to finding it

Posted by masterfreak64 2006-04-14

New developers

Today i put some new developers in the project.
A warm welcome to you !!!!
I hope you will be able to get the project moving again

Posted by masterfreak64 2006-03-17

Development plan released

I have released the new devel plan which includes many of the future LOGICDOS features ( everything that will be in 006 and much 007) This is going to help all new developers in our project developing.
This also includes a reference of all already done commands

Posted by masterfreak64 2006-03-17

sorry for the late 006 release

I encounterred bugs in the final stage of developing 006 and the other devs aren't (possibly) interested in this project anymore, and I found no solution. today i recruitet some new developers to get the project moving again. I hope we will amke the next release shortly.

Posted by masterfreak64 2006-02-21

006 is near

As an x-mas present you will get 006
version of logicdos:
better variable support , better strings (now with TWO quotes :D) and so on

Edit- sorry it will take some time (obviously ) we have posted another news item about this

Posted by masterfreak64 2005-12-12

CVS done

here is CVS :
to all members checkout

Posted by masterfreak64 2005-11-17

Variable Support

Variable Support will be completed very soon - you will like it.
it is fully os-indepent in c++

Posted by masterfreak64 2005-11-13

Source File corrected

In the 004 source file i now added main.cpp because i forgot sry
attention: thi8s is not the source code it was compiled it is my working source (i just removed what i developed about variables)

Posted by masterfreak64 2005-10-25