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loggerfs version 0.5 (stable) released

With the release of loggerfs 0.5 another major milestone has been reached. Thanks to joined efforts with Vlad there is now some good documentation on how to install and use loggerfs! Checkout http://portal.itauth.com/loggerfs for the complete scoop. In addition to web-based documentation, we've also added man-pages, MySQL caching, various improvements and I managed to create .deb packages for those that use an OS that supports the debian package manager.

Posted by achillean 2007-10-23

loggerfs 0.4 released (stable)

I've added some minor features (support for fuse-options, setting owner permissions) and made some performance enhancements. It's been tested in a production environment for a while now and it's been working great for us. If anybody needs help deploying loggerfs feel free to drop me a line or goto http://loggerfs.sf.net/ .

Posted by achillean 2007-10-10

loggerfs version 0.3 (beta) released

After further testing I've added to loggerfs the ability to cache PostgreSQL
database connections. Unlike MySQL, there seems to be a signifcant overhead in
creating a PostgreSQL database connection. I determined this by trying to
import a 30Mb authlog file, which took ~20min to import w/out caching. After
adding the caching function it took ~2min on my system. MySQL didn't have any
of these problems and only required ~1min to import the entire authlog, though
it did use ~100% CPU while PostgreSQL only used ~45% (I have a hunch the
PostgreSQL DB on my dev machine isn't properly configured). And in order to do
the testing, loggerfs now first splits the input buffer by newlines. That means
you'll be able to feed existing log files into loggerfs by typing:... read more

Posted by achillean 2007-07-23

loggerfs version 0.2 released

Many new features have been addded since 0.1, most notably
I have added support for storing log files in MySQL! For my personal use,
I have continued using a PostgreSQL database which means that any feedback
on MySQL systems would be greatly appreciated. I'm very curious how it will
perform when large amounts of log files are stored. But there's much more
to this release! I've created 2 simple shell scripts: createlog and
loggerfs-reload. The former asks you a series of questions and then creates
the correct XML in the logs.xml configuration file (default location is
/usr/local/etc/loggerfs/logs.xml). The latter script can be called to reload
the configuration files (schema.xml and logs.xml) while the file system is
mounted (this was already included in the 0.1.1 release, check the news for
more details on it). Finally, I improved support for the Syslog logging format,
and have added the ability to store PostgreSQL logs as well. If there are
additional formats that you would like loggerfs to support, please don't
hesitate to send me an email. If you're unsure how to setup loggerfs, feel
free to either send me an email, drop by the forums or watch out for a tutorial
I'll be posting next week on installing and configuring loggerfs.

Posted by achillean 2007-07-14

loggerfs version 0.1.1 released

I fixed a minor bug where it wouldn't look at the right configuration
directory if --prefix wasn't given during the ./configure step. But more
importantly, I added the ability to reload the configuration files while
the file system is mounted! What this means is that now you won't need to
unmount and re-mount the file system every time you want to add/ delete
another log file or schema. Should make using and debugging the system a
whole lot easier. Enjoy.

Posted by achillean 2007-07-09

loggerfs version 0.1 (pre-alpha) released

Today marks the first release of the loggerfs virtual file system. loggerfs
is a fuse-based virtual FS written in C++ that allows log files of apache,
squid and other programs to be directly stored in a database. Instead of
running a cronjob every few minutes/ hours/ days to process a log file,
loggerfs listens for write-requests on the log files and automatically sends
the new data to the PostgreSQL database. There are 2 configuration files for
this project:... read more

Posted by achillean 2007-07-08

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