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New release - version 1.1

I have added tracef, debugf, infof, warnf, errorf, fatalf and logf methods which use java.util.Formatter to allow formatting of debugging messages. It also fixes a bugs in FileWriter and RollingFileWriter. I've also fixed a bug in FileWriter and RollingFileWriter.

I'm not completely happy with the use of java.util.Formatter as it means instantiating a new Formatter object each time a message is logged. But I haven't got round to re-writing the Formatter class yet..... read more

Posted by nut 2008-11-19

New debugging methods

The other day I found another log5j project over at google code [ http://code.google.com/p/log5j/ ] written by Kevin Burton of spinn3r.com. It's just a thin wrapper around log4j, but it has printf style formatting for its logging methods, using java.util.Formatter. I thought it was such a good idea it was worth adding to this project.

Consequently I have added tracef, debugf, infof, warnf, errorf, fatalf and logf methods to the Logger class, all of which format messages in exactly the same way that java.util.Formatter.format(String format, Object... args) does.... read more

Posted by nut 2008-02-02

log5j: Initial Release

Log5j is a lightweight and fast java logging library for Java versions 5 and above. It is very similar to log4j in style, but uses Java 5's varargs feature to allow any number of arguments to be passed to any logging method.

Version 1.0 of log5j has been released today. Check it out :)

Posted by nut 2008-01-24