Log4net 1.2.0 Beta4 released

The fourth beta of log4net 1.2.0 is now available for download.
Download it from:

* API documentation build with NDoc 1.1c

* Added event specific properties to the logging event object. Appenders
can add additional information to the events they are logging. The
RemotingAppender and the SMTPAppender both add a 'hostname' property to
the events. These properties can be accessed using the PatternLayout with
the %P{name} syntax.

* Added a plugin framework. An IPlugin interface can be attached to any

* A new RemoteLoggingServerPlugin plugin acts as the server for the

* Updated the core log4net framework to work in an environment with no
permissions. Specific appenders still require additional permissions to
log correctly.

* Added support for domain aliasing using the AliasDomainAttribute. This
allows a parent assembly to take control of the logging domain for child

* Added events for repository creation, configuration change,
configuration reset and repository shutdown.

* Added LevelMap to the ILoggerRepository interface. The mapping from
level name to level object is now repository specific, therefore each
repository can have independent mappings.

* Moved hierarchy specific config file parser to new DOMHierarchyConfigurator
class. This is controlled by the hierarchy object and allows for better

* Added OnlyFixPartialEventData property to the buffered appenders. This
setting causes slow settings to be ignored. This significantly improves
the performance of the buffered appenders.

* XML entity references are supported in the XML config file.

* Added support for expanding environment variables in <param> values. The
environment variables must be specified as '${FOO}' where 'FOO' is the
name of the variable to expand.

* Upgraded to use NUnit 2.0

* File appenders can specify the Encoding to use for the file.

* Added strong named configuration.

Posted by Nicko Cadell 2002-12-16

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