How to compile log4cpp using Borland compiler

  • Daniel

    Daniel - 2007-11-05


    i know this is a silly beginners question, but i would still be glad if someone could help me. I tried to compile log4cpp with the borland compiler on a windows xp installation, but i didnt get far. According to the documentation i should use the project and make files in the subdirectory bcb5. However, i dont really know what to do with it. I renamed the to Makefile and the called "make" from the commandline. This does not seem to have an effect. As one can easily guess, i am a complete layman when it comes to make and project files.

    Hope someone could help me.

    Greetings Dani

    • Daniel

      Daniel - 2007-11-06


      Some additional information. When i use Borland Builder 6 (not 5, i do not have that IDE :-(  ) i can open the project file log4cpp.bpf and start compiling but i get a bunch of errors. Probably, log4cpp only works with version 5. I tried to compile with compiler version 5 using the make/ mak files (i do not have the IDE only the free compiler) but there i lack knowledge to do this properly. Anyone can help me? i would be glad for any help.

      Thanks in advance.

    • Michael Akinde

      Michael Akinde - 2007-11-23

      I tried to get it functioning with the latest version of the BDS, and ran into the same problems. This is unfortunately the usual consequence of the "improvements" between BDS versions.

      I suspect it would take a complete rebuild of the project files to get this to work (and probably a deal of ifdef work to get around the compiler idiocies). Unfortunately, at the time I worked on this, it really wasn't cost-effective for me to do such a rebuild (and still isn't), as compared to building a quick and dirty logging mechanism.


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