ercete - 2007-02-08

I'm trying to manage category so as to display

All priority <= WARN in stdout
All priority >= ERROR in stderr
But without using a different category object.

Eg :

class cl_cms_LogManager:public log4cpp::Category{
    cl_cms_LogManager(); // Constructeur

cl_cms_LogManager::cl_cms_LogManager():log4cpp::Category::Category("", NULL, log4cpp::Priority::DEBUG){

    log4cpp::Category &cl_CoutCat = this->getInstance("STDOUT");
    log4cpp::Category &cl_CerrCat = cl_CoutCat.getInstance("STDERR");

    log4cpp::Appender* appcout = new log4cpp::OstreamAppender("OstreamAppender",&std::cout);
    log4cpp::Appender* appcerr = new log4cpp::OstreamAppender("OstreamAppender",&std::cerr);

    appcout->setLayout(new log4cpp::BasicLayout());
    appcerr->setLayout(new log4cpp::BasicLayout());



    this->debug("test debug from root"); //Display nothing
    this->info ("test info  from root"); //Display "test info  from root" in stdout ONLY
    this->error("test error from root"); //Display "test error from root" in stderr ONLY

Is there a way to do it or am I forced to use and cl_CerrCat.error() ?
Or maybe I can do this with Filters... ?

Does anyone can give me some clues ?

Thanks by advance.