source code hosting has moved to Github

I have decided to migrate log4cplus source code hosting to Git on Github. The repository is at Bug tracker, etc., stays on SourceForge.

Why? Bazaar development is pretty much dead and SourceForge is not supporting it any more. Log4cplus can survive a bit longer with Bazaar on Launchpad but there are other things to consider:

  • Git seems to have won the DVCS wars, at least for next few years. Migrations to Git seem to be happening quite a lot while migrations from Git seem to be rare.

  • Using main stream DVCS might make log4cplus hacking more attractive and/or accessible to drive by contributors. According to some blogs and posts on mailing lists, some people consider working with Bazaar hard and Bazaar lacking some features they know from Git and they consider having to learn yet another DVCS to contribute few small patches too much.

  • It seems that Emacs development is going to move to Git soon (or is even in the process of moving now). This is migration from Bazaar to Git. That such important OSS project has decided to move from Bazaar to Git has made me thinking about log4cplus hosting and Bazaar, again.

  • I have recently been using Git through Emacs and magit and it was not that bad experience. (I still hate the Git CLI.)

  • I have shortly entertained the idea of moving to Mercurial but I have quickly dismissed it. It seems it would just postpone move to Git only for few months or years at best. Again, Git seems to have won the DVCS wars.

  • I would like to use the Travis CI integration that Github offers, without having to run a mirroring script on my home box.

Posted by Václav Haisman 2014-01-14 Labels: git github source

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