log4cplus 1.1.1-RC4 released

I have released log4cplus 1.1.1-RC4. This is mostly a bug fix release but there are also some small new features.

  • Fixed bug #156 - Messages are truncated when produced using the LOG4CPLUS_*_FMT() macros.
  • Fixed bug #157 - Fedora package build failure.
  • Improved log4cplus initialization:
    • Use APC to initialize log4cplus outside loader lock.
    • Use Microsoft C runtime library TLS callbacks to initialize log4cplus as static library.
    • Warn during compilation that automatic initialization is not possible when log4cplus is being compiled with static Microsoft C runtime library.
    • Provide log4cplus::initialize() function to allow users to initialize log4cplus in situations where automatic initialization is not possible.
  • Several improvements to CMake build:
    • Fixed OpenBSD + CMake builds.
    • Fixed issues with Visual Studio 2005 CMake builds.
    • Added support for CMake builds on Android with NDK. (Sergey Nikulov)
    • The defines.hxx.cmake file is now generated out of defines.hxx.in.
    • Library version is parsed out of version.h. (Sergey Nikulov)
  • MDC formatter for PatternLayout ("%X") now expands into list of key value pairs if no specific key is given. (Yaqian Shen)
  • Avoid clock_nanosleep() on Android.
  • ServerSocket::accept() can now be interrupted from another thread using new function ServerSocket::interruptAccept().


Bugs: #156
Bugs: #157

Posted by Václav Haisman 2013-03-30 Labels: 1.1.1

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