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log4cplus 1.1.0-RC4 released

IMPORTANT: Compilation with Solaris Studio now depends on STLPort
(-library=stlport4 switch). The default Cstd library is not
conforming enough for use in log4cplus.

- Improved behaviour of log4cplus as a component of larger CMake based
project (Andreas Bießmann).

- Updated various Autoconf detection scripts in m4/ directory to newer

- Fixed some signedness and overflow warnings.

- Improved Autotools build system's behaviour for cross compilation.

- Added detection of C++11 <atomic> header and related
functions. Implemented SharedObject reference counting using C++11
atomics where possible.

- Fixed compilation with GCC 4.6 in C++11 mode.

- Fixed some single-threaded compilation and run time issues.

- Fixed bug #3520891 - FileAppender buffering issue.

- Updated to Autoconf 2.69, Automake 1.12 and Libtool 2.4.2.

- Documented build procedure for Solaris Studio.

- Improved support for Solaris Studio in

Posted by Václav Haisman 2012-04-29

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