Anonymous - 2011-03-15

Hi guys.

First of all let me thank you for a great tool that has helped me every since day one.  =)

I use the three main OS's - Windows, Linux (Ubuntu) and OS X - and use Locknote as a cross-platform tool (using Wine under Linux, and Crossroads in OS X).

Locknote 1.0.4 has worked flawless in this environment. However, with Locknote 1.0.5 it seems that Wine is corrupting the Locknote file. I open a fresh copy with Windows, everything is fine. Save it. Copy to one of my Linux machines (using Dropbox, but I have already ruled this out), open it, make some change. Save it. After this, Windows doesn't recognise Locknote as a valid Win32 application. It still opens under Linux with Wine just fine, but seems to change something for Windows.

Does anybody experienced this behaviour? Any idea of what might be going on?