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Editing my draft object design into my it's final form I realised I was duplicating work already done by the XML parser I planned on using. I think I'll simply load the XML documents into memory and work straight from that. The documents will only be a few kilobytes each so that is easy, and much simpler for me.

Ergo : a redesign is on the way.

Posted by blayde 2005-01-26

Design and files

File formats are
Docs : Open Office
Planning : GnattProject ( broken atm )
Design : ArgoUML
Prototypes : QT

The prototype is up. I appriciate all feedback.

The initial class design is being drafted right now.

Posted by blayde 2005-01-23


The project is approved and work has started.
Right now it's all planning. look at lockit.sf.net for my documents.
They will give you an idea of my expectations for this project.

I intent this project to be open in source and open in operation. You could market-speek that as 'transparent functionality'. Which, in practical terms, means that everything I do will be available at the above address. Every document I write about every test I do, every person I help etc will be their for your to read at your lesuire.... read more

Posted by blayde 2005-01-22

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