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We're not dead yet!

Err.... yes we are :)... After getting some basic working results for myself I have determined that passing engineering classes at university is more important than LochNES. I will however be all over the emulation scene like a jimmy hat in the future. Cuz at LochNES its layed out like that.

Posted by Kevin M. Pansky 2002-10-14

NES 6502 emulation 0.0.1 complete.

Today I completed implementation of all the documented opcodes of the 6502. There will probably be myriad errors and more functionality will probably be added in the future (like all undocumented opcodes and SNSS support). As soon as LochNES runs any single ROM, the first source release will occur, but everything is fair game for drastic reorganization at any time until release 1.0. On to debugging the CPU and PPU some more....

Posted by Kevin M. Pansky 2001-07-03

More opcodes implemented

After three grueling night of labor, three new opcodes have been added to the core. The NOP instruction, in all addressing modes mind you, took many hours of delicate script-fu. If that weren't difficult enough, I took it upon myself to complete two other undocumented op codes of the 6502: the DOP and TOP (Double and Triple NOP respectively). I figure this is time well spent as these are some of the most important op codes in the 6502 instruction set. In all seriousness though, I have implemented many more op codes in the CPU core and development is progressing nicely. It should not be long before this task is completed and removed from my .plan.

Posted by Kevin M. Pansky 2001-06-04

LochNES project started

The LochNES project begins. Sourceforge site is created and development starts.

Posted by Kevin M. Pansky 2001-06-01

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