deploying java 7 update 25 java control panel dont work.

  • dusko25

    dusko25 - 2013-07-11

    Hi, i have one problem. I install java7u25 with LUP successfully. IE java checker sad that installation was succesfully, but my problem is with icon on contorl panel. i see the java icon. but nothing happend wenn i click on it. When i install the same java version manually , the icon on control panel is open/working. Am login as Domain administrator so i have permissions.
    Can some one help me ,how can i rescue this problem?
    the packer has cab and msi which was modified with orca, no update and ie and mozilla to 1.


  • Enzyme

    Enzyme - 2013-08-07

    Had this behavior in the past, too. But I got an dll-error or something and it was not possible to uninstall the software. After uninstalling with the Microsoft Fix it ( I was able to install via LUP.


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