Hey Mark-


It's going to be a while before someone at LC can take a look at this.  We're a bit backed up, but will add to the list.





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Subject: [digital-curation] Bagger 2.1.3 fails to start on Windows 7


Hi all, 


I'm trying to get Bagger 2.1.3 running on a new Windows 7 system, and when it starts up for the first time, it seems to fail at the step where it's trying to copy the default profiles to my user directory. 


Here's a portion of the start up logs that demonstrate the problem: https://gist.github.com/anarchivist/7026354 - note that I don't have a user named "asdf" on this machine.




Mark A. Matienzo <mark@matienzo.org>
Digital Archivist, Manuscripts and Archives, Yale University Library
Technical Architect, ArchivesSpace

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