Bagit stalls on large directories

Nat Wilson
  • Nat Wilson

    Nat Wilson - 2013-02-13

    I have noticed that bagit gets stuck when processing larger directories.  Three different bags with sizes of 60G, 90G and 552G all never finish their bagging process.  I have increased the value of MAXMEM in bagit-4.4/bin/bag to 2048M as the README.txt file recommends but it is still not working. 

    Should I increase MAXMEM even more?  Is there something else I should try to trouble shoot?

  • Nat Wilson

    Nat Wilson - 2013-04-19

    Update: It eventually did finish, it just took a really long time.  So with MAXMEM set to 2048m, a 550G bag took about 1-1.5 days to finish bagging.  So the system works it, but you have to give it time.


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