This list seems to be focused mainly on local installs, so apologies if the following is off-topic. 

I'm using the Chronicling America API to download JSON results for a particular search term into a local database, which I'm then using as the basis for some visualizations, including maps of the number of pages for that search term by the state of the publication over a specified range of years. 

I'd like to be able to normalize the number of pages in the search result for each state (which I'm generating from the local database) by the total number of pages for that state in a given year range. This would be easy to do if the API offered a filter-by-state argument -- I could then just extract the total number of pages from the first page of the JSON result for a null search term (i.e., everything) in that date range for each state. But I can't find a way to filter by state using the API, even though it's easy through the CA web interface.

I'd be grateful for any tips on how to do this via the API, if it is indeed possible. If not, maybe a feature to add?

Etienne Benson