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Release 1.1.0

This release brings two new features:

- The ability to see colored traces in your web browser (via XSLT)
- A new class LobTraceStreamQt, to trace Trolltech-Qt objects.

The next step (v1.2.0) will allow to add modules dynamically.

Merry Christmas !


Posted by Louis BAYLE 2002-12-18

Release 1.0.2

This release has no new feature. v1.0.2 is just an update to make it compile with g++ 3.2

Posted by Louis BAYLE 2002-09-16

First release

Hi all,
I hope this C++ trace mechanism will fit your needs.
1.0.0 is stable and usable but some things are still to be done.


Posted by Louis BAYLE 2002-08-06