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Octopus kicked off!

LoadGenerator is a Java project which allows load to be generated on web sites, and load times measured. It allows for configuration of ramp up the load, concurrent users, transactions per second, parameterization of the URLs, and naming of each URL. This projec is to rovide a simple way for people to load test their websites using a simple and configurable tool, that allows them to load up their websites and measure site performance. At the outset, it is a simple tool to providing the configurations to - Specify how many concurrent users should be loaded up to hit the site - Specify how many transactions per second should be simulated using these users - Specify which URLs to hit to load up the site - Specify some parameterization in the URL (to allow for CMS controlled sites to be tested easily) It will generate simple output giving minimum, maximum and average load times for the pages, on a per page basis. As the tool progresses, it will provide more functioanlity in terms of displaying this information in various charts, and allow for more configuration of tests. The aim is to provide a good alternative to commercial load testing tools like Mercury LoadRunner.

Posted by Ashish Bansal 2005-09-20