Could not log in to Google

  • OliG

    OliG - 2012-11-23

    Thank you for this great tool!

    I encountered a problem one or two weeks ago. I wasn't able to log in to Google Calender anymore.
    It took me some time till I found out, there was a problem with the proxy. We use a Proxy Auto-Config Script (PAC) for the proxy configuration. Lately there was a security issue with Web Proxy Autodiscovery Protocol (WPAD, see which was fixed with a security update. This update changed the behaviour of .NET WebRequest.DefaultWebProxy.
    The simplest fix is to create an application config file and set a fix proxy for the CalSync application. The file has to be named "CalSync.exe.config" and must be placed near "CalSync.exe". The content shold look like:

    <?xml version="1.0"?>
            usesystemdefault= "False"
            proxyaddress="http:// [b]your proxy ip and port [/b]"

    I hope, this may be useful for someone.

  • gilgamo

    gilgamo - 2012-12-03


    Last Weekt I´d the same problem with logging on to Google. Thank you for your work to solve it! I try your workaround and it work`s!

    Thank You!

  • Flex

    Flex - 2013-05-03

    This worked

  • Ivan Samuelson

    Ivan Samuelson - 2013-05-29

    I'm having issues logging into Google. I have applications-specific password security set up. I generated a password for this app and typed it in for my google password. But, when I try to log in, this is what I get:

    05-29-2013 09:51:25.104 Running CalSync 1.8.0
    05-29-2013 09:51:25.104 Logging in to Google Calendar
    05-29-2013 09:51:25.120 Logging in to Lotus Notes
    05-29-2013 09:51:25.135 A Google Authentication Error ocurred: Execution of authentication request returned unexpected content type:
    05-29-2013 09:51:25.135 Logging in to Google Calendar
    05-29-2013 09:51:25.135 Error communicating with Google
    05-29-2013 09:51:25.166 Successfully logged into Notes!

    Proxy info is correct, but for some reason, I can't get into Google.

    Any ideas?


  • Claes Stejre

    Claes Stejre - 2013-05-29

    I took CalSync 1.7.2 instead and it works fine.


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