were you using audio or MIDI for looping, or both?
It was Midi I was referring to, and Audio wishing for.

I appreciate your efforts.

Muse is such a great piece of software. If you happen to add a layer or two of extra features, it will be fantastic.

Now, talking about features... once I have your attention...:-)

A shortcut key for Zoom in/out (horizontal) will really add a lot of functionality. I personally use it so often and I will be much thankful for one. I guess many other users as well.

Audio... "Permanently erase last take" would be also a hugely useful function to me (I believe to others as well).
I sort of of practice my guitar, bass or Bouzouki parts while recording them, in case I record something extraordinary. Of course, 99.99% is usually below the ordinary and a quick shortcut that would enable us to delete that last take will be a real bonus in the creative/recording process.

Finally, don't forget that I am a Greek, so once you came 'into my shop' to buy one thing (cycle recording), I am trying to sell a few other (zoom, last take), if possible:-)