Hi guys,

sorry if my comment is out of place, I didn't follow the thread.

Why don't you move to github?

it's *way* better than svn, branching and merging is very natural. I've already created several projects under github and I can assist you if you need any help.

You'll enjoy much more committing changes with git and github will make more likely for outsiders to submit patches.

If you are an Emacs user you can use magit, a very well designed front-end for git.


Date: Mon, 29 Apr 2013 08:17:30 +0200
From: florian.a.jung@web.de
To: lmuse-developer@lists.sourceforge.net
Subject: Re: [Lmuse-developer] status and svn sucks

Am 29.04.2013 03:19, schrieb Tim E. Real:

> But as I posted earlier I'm a bit frustrated that I must now supply a
> password *every* time I want to download or update my local copy
> of the new repo - even *every* time I simply open the repo in KdeSvn
> simply to examine it !
> Seems that something still may not be right, I've set up my SSH and so on,
> and it still asks for a password when I just want to examine the repo
> in KdeSvn.

does it ask if you use svn commit from the command line? if yes, then
you did something wrong.

Does it ask you for your sf.net password, or for the ssh-key passphrase?

> So I'm kind of worried what's going to happen when I finally complete
> my (long awaited months-long) current work and sit down and try to
> merge - both to and from the new repo.
> Robert seems to have had no trouble at all committing new stuff,
> although that's not the same as what you and I are faced with -
> his was fresh new stuff I think, but we both have back-logged material
> that needs to be merged - both to and from the new repo.

did he merge stuff, or just commit into trunk? (Committing to trunk
works without issues. If someone knows how to merge, tell me!)

> Yikes... Sweating and nail-biting in apprehension of impending disaster...?

it's not THAT bad. read

svn help diff


man patch

(especially the --merge option)

you can do manual merging by svn diff-ing trunk from revision foo to
HEAD, and then applying this patch using patch --merge to your branch.

HOWEVER, this will break svn merging even more.

i'll need to contact sf.net :/


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