Robert, Florian, we're more or less on the same page.

A text part that can be inserted in any track (Midi particularly. In my use case, i'd add them on tracks to refer to dynamics, unison with other instrument notes, etc... (This clarinet part is doubled in the violas, for example).

A Lyrics track would be good too, and i'd add that resizing the track would change the size of the text, so a larger track size equals smaller text....

You'd also get my vote for a vid track. User adds vid track, and as well as a "selected frame display" (see ardour vid display), there's a small realtime display that shows all frames. (ala xjadeo). Maybe this window could be embedded somewhere, maybe "under" the track list, or detached as a separate window so the user can move it where they want, including a second monitor.
Vid track goes in at the top of the track display in the arranger, and stays in view, even if the user is working well down the track list. (for obvious workflow reasons) So i guess it's a "special" track, and the regular tracks "slide underneath it".

You're right, so many ideas.....


On 16 May 2013 11:28, Florian Jung <> wrote:
> folder track

>> 2. Text or annotation segment.

and the user shall be able to set, whether this text shows up or not in
some "bookmarks" bar.

A Lyrics track would be cool with note-accurate positioning of the
syllables, and a "playstation singstar-like" display of the upcoming text.

And a Movie track :) is anyone here into music videos? Would such a
feature be helpful?

so many ideas and so few time :(


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