Thank you Nick.
Aha, so, this is the "melodica" - I like this instrument. This video always makes me goosebumps: - this "melodica" is in the end, filling the music greatly.
Now I listen to these ChiLites ("Have you seen her"), I see what you mean, it sounds very interesting.

Well, I got wx5 + yamaha vl70-m. I hope I will be able to use it in practice. I first wanted to be just my practicing instrument - I live in .. let's say "quiet place" in Hong Kong, just for a short while. But I made a system to play it also in street, however something is still missing. I was trying playing with looper and usb pedal, but it simply didn't fill me - I am probably not that kind of musician and will always need some friends around to play with.

Looking forward to get home soon and show up with some "enhanced sound".
Thank you, cheers!


2013/9/3 Nick Copeland <>
> thank you. I just tried Muse - mapped some soundfont there and recorded some melody and.... 
> I got my first notation :)
> Thank you.
> Anyway, aseqdump is running and showing "Pitch bend", "Control change", another "Control 
> change" - all the time.. so maybe Rosegarden got a bit crazy because of these - or I have 
> done something wrong that time .. Anyway, now I got into it. Thanks to you guys, cheers!

Are you sure you were playing the Sax correctly? If you breath too hard into a Sax it will also 
jump octaves and yours might have been a bit sensitive in how it wanted to render that to MIDI.

All that Control Change stuff is streaming 'emphasis', most MIDI controllers do
this including guitar controllers for pitch bend and polypressure keyboards for
pressure events. If the MIDI Sax only mapped the fingering events then you 
might as well be playing a Hohner Melodica MIDI (I am going to get flamed 
for this comparison so let me I apologise in advance, the melodica is pretty cool, 
bless the ChiLites and New Order but it isn't a MIDI Sax....). The reed in your sax 
probably registers air pressure and sends those as control events to let your 
music be more expressive and there can be _lots_ of those events.

If you record in some app and then drive a synth that maps those control events 
to pitch bend but don't do it too subtly then you might find the results to be 
unexpected. It shouldn't have affected how the music was scored since the note 
selection will have been done with literal NOTE_ON/OFF events from fingering 
but it might well affect how it was played back since you finger a note, mouth 
it, then the pressure events make the frequency go wild by jumping octaves the 
way a Sax does anyway if you breath too hard. If you get issues again then 
check out the synth you are driving and try and find out what it does with the 
controller ID in the message. Go a bit further and you will be able to do 
things like map the controller ID to the synth filter or cutoff and have a bit 
of fun with how you mouth your notes. Which is pretty comparable to what the 
ChiLites did with the Melodica - they sang into its mouthpiece and the result was 
something akin to a mechanical vocorder (and hopefully that little bit of respect will 
save me from being called a melodicist).

Regards, nick.

2013/9/2 Paul Davis <>
use aseqdump to create a trace of the incoming MIDI stream. post it here.

On Sun, Sep 1, 2013 at 10:57 PM, Milan Lazecky <> wrote:
I am sorry for a beginner question, but your advice would be helpful..
I have an electronic saxophone, Yamaha WX5.
I use with MIDI->USB, using Qsynth (through jack), the sound is working well, but every time I try to record midi footage, using either rosegarden or ardour3, the midi record is:
- in strange tones (the melody is there, but notes are transposed for +32 or -32) (note that using Qsynth, or connecting with virtual keyboard, the notes are ok...)
- when I try to transpose the recorded melody to normal scale, it doesn't play anything (yes, I map some midi instrument there, but it seems like if there is some strange volume=0 was set, or I don't know - but I haven't found a way to set it to other values)

I know it is very messy question. But maybe you know what is wrong in my case.. maybe to try another software, or I miss some settings there?

Thank you very much.


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