Wow Tim!

That is likely the biggest single barrage of fixes to a programs code I've witnessed in one shot yet! More than many do in a point release. Sounds like we might not recognise the app any more! :)

I've been stalling on actually using this app properly but the longer I do, the more impressed I'll be.

Great work Tim! Thanks!

On Wed, Feb 20, 2013 at 1:42 AM, Tim E. Real <> wrote:

Help me continue to work on open source projects like MusE,
 doing the fixes you need and the features you request
 like DSSI, VST, and LV2.

Please donate today!
At your service. Tim.

I think that I can say with some confidence now that *this*
 is about as close to how MusE editing was designed to be.
It just needed some care and rewrites to tie the loose ends together.
Now we can improve on it from here. Try it out!

Want to move parts and notes as you are placing them?
No problem.
Want to ignore snap as you are placing them?
No problem.
Tired of drum notes placement?
No problem.

- Please see the files README.usage and README.shortcuts for general changes.
They contain *important* info on new usage, too long to repeat here.

* MASSIVE FIXES: MANY editor, usability, operation fixes and changes.

- Added: Pan and Zoom tools to editors. P + Z shortcuts. Added a Settings
 item for alternate behaviour.

- Fixed: MAJOR Canvas class re-writes/simplifications!

- Fixed: ALL auto-scrolling. Was 'drifting' while scrolling. Accuracy is
 solid now.

- Fixed: Moving/new parts now fit into the tracks they are hovering over.

- Improved: "Velocity per-note" is now per-graph. Also does not cause main
 window to activate (w/ Robert's new styles).

- Fixed: Pianoroll and Drum Editor 'Snap' boxes not remembering 1st or 3rd

- Fixed: Arranger 'Snap' was not stored or remembered.

- Fixed: Accelerator buttons shift/ctrl/alt for moving/copying/cloning /
 restricting movement.

- Fixed: Shift key restricting movement: Ignore snap setting now.

- Fixed: Resize shift key ignore snap setting now.

- Fixed: Draw new item shift key ignore snap setting now.

- Fixed: Shift key was not snapping to vertical.

- Fixed/changed: Drum velocity level hot-keys/order. LV3 is default now.
 Re-ordered all MusE drum maps' LV3/LV4.

- Fixed: Open Wave Editor shortcut changed from Ctrl-W to Ctrl-Y due to
 ambiguity with MDI 'Close Window'.

- Fixed: ALL 'Speaker' related playing of notes. Works with new notes, moving
 notes, piano press etc.

- Fixed: ALL 'Speaker' related notes now send true note-offs instead of
 zero-velocity note-ons.

- Fixed: Drum 'Cursor' mode was playing double notes.

- Fixed: New Drums 'Cursor' mode and instrument up/down movement was
 broken, jumping all over the place.

- Fixed: Drum 'Cursor' mode was not working if no controller graphs were
 shown. (Silly error.)

- Improved: Shortcut listings: Added Wave/Score categories. Re-categorized
 several keys. Updated README.shortcuts

- Fixed: Memory leaks in CtrlEdit class (ownerships).

- Fixed: Drum Editor not saving tool state.

- Improved: Right-click menus expanded. Now also shows 'Tools' menu
 when clicked on parts.

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