Thanks for the update Tim!

Might these changes enable MIDI plugin automation controls to be copied like we can audio automation?

On Mon, Dec 24, 2012 at 7:26 AM, Tim E. Real <> wrote:
Just some work in progress. I hope it will bring together audio
 and midi controls better.
After meditation that would impress an Indian guru, and several
 conceptual attempts, it seems to be finally starting to make sense
 so I thought I would share some pics and get some feedback as we
 roll along. Will it be shot down by some bad roadblock...?

Learned a lot about delegates/models/views. Especially delegates.
I will try to put that towards fixing the Pianoroll Snap box, which was
 hastily constructed during the move to Qt4, and is not working fully
 (. and T items not working).


As you may know, MusE has a 'duality' of audio and midi controllers
 and corresponding graphs. This could not be ignored, although
 we hope to unify them some way, some day. So I took a kind of
 pragmatic approach - working with what we have already.

This seemingly simple color editor was hard, being the first thing I tackled:

Here a midi controller has been created for an audio control.
These midi controllers show up in the Piano roll graphs and Ctrl lists.
Currently in MusE (for DSSI) the controller numbers are arbitrarily chosen
 and not alterable by the user (32NF0 etc.).
The new scheme certainly allows YOU to set the number, but it also allows
 one midi controller to operate MULTIPLE audio controls (multi-assignment).
It also allows ALL OTHER types of audio controls such as audio volume and pan
 to have midi controllers - meaning they show up in the piano roll graphs.
Including all rack effect audio controls as well. (The theory goes, I hope!):

Here a midi controller has been created AND an external midi controller input
 has been assigned to the audio control.
This 'direct' external midi input operates the audio controls - the audio
 controller graphs drawn on the tracks.

Here several audio controls have midi controllers created, but only some of
 them have external midi input assigned to the audio controls:

And for good measure, here's a numerical editor:


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