Hi Robert and the musers! (another band name for you?)

I'm happy to see Robert recently added a metronome icon to the transport in the main muse window and if I'm reading the svn logs correctly then it looks like we can now close:


which was my request to add pitching to simpledrums. Thanks v.much Robert!

Now the bad bit. I hate to admit it but I've got sick of waiting for an open source DAW I'm happy with and I've ended up using REAPER under wine! Its a shame but I think I'm hopeful that maybe later this year I'll be able to use MusE instead as its the closest to having the features I need in a DAW.

My wishes are few. I'd like to see this request get resolved:


I'd like to see native VST support added to the FX rack and with a bit more polish I think I can return to my all FLOSS music production quest!

Thanks again - keep up the great work!