Hi guys,

I admit I don't understand midi fully. I get some grasp about it and then too much time passes so most that I don't regularily use just evaporates ;)

Are pressure and aftertouch not controllers?
Tim, please see the response in the forum
hopefully it's just me that don't understand ;)


2012/10/22 Geoff Beasley <geoff@laughingboyrecords.com>
On 22/10/12 09:31, Tim E. Real wrote:
> ** I've changed it here so SND_SEQ_EVENT_KEYPRESS create true
>   ME_POLYAFTER events and will commit if NO OBJECTIONS.

do it! great ;)

> Unfinished business. There is a "snd_seq_ev_set_keypress" macro.
> ** I've changed it here and will commit if NO OBJECTIONS.
> Seems pressure events could be considered as note ons?
> Is it desirable?

huh?? not in my world - channel/key aftertouch is an
expression/modulation device only. keypress ONLY is note on. this could
explain some weird behaviour seen from time to time here perhaps.. extra
notes, ghost notes etc ? Imagine if the sustain pedal caused note on's !
pressure is just another variable to the already struck key.

very very few keyboards output key aftertouch - channel is most common,
with those KB's that have it at all.

it's great you're getting right down into this stuff Tim :)

building now - hope to test today to some extent - just back from a
short tour.



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