2012/9/18 Florian Jung <florian.a.jung@web.de>
Am 18.09.2012 16:41, schrieb Robert Jonsson:
> Hi Florian,
> 2012/9/18 Florian Jung <florian.a.jung@web.de>
>> Hi
>> once a while ago, i tried to compile MusE on FreeBSD, which after minor
>> changes succeeded. The produced binary, however, was not able to start
>> because ALSA could not be properly initalized (which is true, because
>> freeBSD has no alsa.)
>> in the last time, there were some changes around the audio subsystem
>> (which i didn't really follow), so my question is: is MusE still
>> dependant of ALSA, or can it run in JACK-only environments now? (i think
>> my problem was that MusE wanted to use ALSAs timer or so.)
> ALSA is still very much a dependency.
> It is used both by the sequencer layer (maybe this is optional now?) and
> the timer.
> The alsa timer dependency can easily be worked around if there is some
> other timer available. I don't know much about bsd, does it have a
> compatible RTC device? If so the alsa timer can simply be removed.

i don't know how it IS, but MusE's sequencer should actually not depend
on ALSA. there are jack-MIDI devices available, and muse shall be able
to use jack-only. if that's not the case, we should fix that :)

>> and Robert: you were working on a MacOSX port for MusE a while ago,
>> true? How did you solve the ALSA-Problem? Have you replaced the ALSA
>> driver by some MacOSX-specific audio driver, or have you made MusE
>> JACK-only?
> I have tried getting into a usable state several times over the years but
> never gotten past proof of concept status.
> I had it running sometime last year by commenting out all alsa stuff and
> using the Dummy timer as a temporary timer substitute.

so you actually just had the GUI? damn :(

Depends on how you see it. jack was working, the sequencer was working, but the timing was probably bad.