Hi Flo,

Please do update it if you want.
I guess I'm the closest to admin but I don't know what the use of distinguishing roles would be.
I'd just list the names.

As for PGP or similar I currently have nothing and don't know really how we should handle it. Adding mail adresses and keys to the AUTHOR file seems as good an idea as any.


2012/6/29 Florian Jung <florian.a.jung@web.de>

before releasing, we maybe want to have a look at the AUTHORS file?

Werner Schweer is no longer administrator (do we have one, actually?)
i'd also suggest to either reorder the list so that the most recently
active devs (that is, "we") are on the top, or order it alphabetically.

additionally, i'd like to add my PGP public key somewhere there (signing
mails is pretty useless if noone can verify ;) ). do you think the
bottom of AUTHORS is a good place? or better a different file?

btw, do you use PGP as well? if so, please tell me and add your keys
there :)


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