2012/10/9 Dennis Schulmeister <muse-sequencer@windows3.de>
Hi all,

I definitively need to check out Tim's latest work (from svn :-)).
Thanks a lot!

Although there is one feature which I would really love in MusE: The
ability to disable any and all intelligence. Such that MusE behaves
like a very dumb sequencer and only sends out MIDI events which are
actually on the timeline. No automatic GM/GS/XG reset, no initial
values for controllers, no skipped PC/CC values, nothing.

The reason is that most often I setup my hardware synths outside of MusE
and want MusE to only playback some pre-recorded events. Usually I
create song setups at the synth panel and dump them in MusE later. More
often than not the "added intelligence" has destroyed the settings and
reverted them to all pianos ...

The machine is trying to tell you something: Use more piano ;)
Jokes aside you make a good point which I hope we can live up to. Don't do any unnecessary automatic changes.
Assumptions about what the user wants to do is good for the beginner but often bad for the power-user.