Hi Tim

2012/10/10 . TERMTECH <termtech@rogers.com>
Nice work RJ old chap!
And the Auxs are exactly as I described.
Love the splashes of colour around the controls.
Must test saving/loading...


Yes the gain I'd make log as all the numbers on those strips
 imply log. It was a bit startling to suddenly jump too loud 20X.
Even 20dB is a bit much, I think.

I'll try to fix that, log conversions always confuse me though...

Why the gain controls?

Is the intention to possibly optionally hide the sliders (as I think
Geoff suggested)? So then make them behave like the log sliders.

Ooh, super compact mixers! Me likey a lot...

That's a cool idea, though as you noted from the tooltip, that is not the reason for this knob.

The thing is that when you have added automation to a track you might at a later stage want to change the overall mixlevel. Before this gain (or trim as geoff called it, i might change the name) parameter was available this was trouble some.
You could achieve it by:
1. changing all automation by hand to reflect the new level (might be close to impossible)
2. add an amplification plugin (what I usually do)
3. ...some exotic uses of group tracks... I've done that too, it's a bad workaround.

Now if the level needs to be adjusted it can easily be done with the Gain/Trim... 
saying that I now realize it should be able to attenuate also, I'll change that too.

Hey! How 'bout illuminating the splash of colour around the

knobs, acting as meters in this mode since the meters will be gone!
Would look super cool !
I seem to recall the Sliders can be 'switched' to knobs easily?

Oh wait - sorry I saw the tooltips. Hm... Why calibration controls?

See above 

DYK: There is a 'mixer background colour' in the Appearance but
 it is not used. Been meaning to investigate adding it.
Maybe a pixmap too and what about individual strips? I guess we
 must make strips transparent to let the BG shine through?
Or instead, that single colour is applied to the strips...

Aha. There seems to be some irregularities in the appearance settings. Not sure how to go about fixing it apart from trying to weed them out as we find them.

I've been meaning to try some more advanced stylesheet scripting one of these days. I'm not sure if all controls allow such changes.
Using a dark theme seems more or less the norm these days, it would be good if we allowed this, even supplied a starting point stylesheet.