2012/10/2 Martin Drautzburg <Martin.Drautzburg@web.de>
On Tuesday, 2. October 2012 10:27:41 Robert Jonsson wrote:
> Hi Martin,
> Old mails, good times :)

Alright! Yes that works and the pluging sources are quite legible. Initially I
didn't understand that you have to mark the events you want processed. I am
not sure what to think of that. When you mark some non-adjacent events and
process them with double-speed you get "interesting" results. However, for
other plugins this makes quite some sense. It is a bit tedious to open the
pianoroll editor for each part when you e.g. want to process an entire track,
but given the fact that I don't have any scripts it is certainly good enough
for now.

Actually I think the plugins are available in the Midi menu in the arranger too, then they are supposed to work on all selected parts.

I suppose those scripts can be any executable which can read and write files,
or does it have to be python?

The "API" uses just a few defined tags sent over a pipe so you can use any language, I tried using bash at one time I believe :)

> 2. Which is what is described below I think, this is unfinished work and as
> far as I know this does not compile. WillyFoobar on the devel list has
> expressed wishes to fix this, atleast the compilation problems.

That would be way cool.

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